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The details create the life. They become the biggest part of life by treating the colors, patterns, designs and themes. In this geography, the sum of everything makes up all the details. Each pattern has a different history, another experience. Another meaning and victory in every color…

Inspired by the beauty of the details in this geography and the power in its history, Home Concept has strengthened its reputation and reliability in the sector in a short time with its unique, young, entertaining and successful identity.

Home Concept has been founded on the foundations of respect for professionalism, trust, trade and trade relations and since its first fair it has dedicated its corporate governance processes to developing qualified fairs. In this respect, with all fairs that it carried out Home Concept has achieved to form and maintain a global vision by keeping its competitive power in the national and international market. The brand and its manufacturers are developing with the perspective of presenting the original Turkish products to the world and carrying the national market to the international arena with every new fair that takes place.

Home Concept, which will carry Turkish brands to the most distinguished arena of the world for the 4rd time under the assurance of Referans Fuarcılık, in the period of 10 September till 13 September has increased the fair area size by double and together with the high and respectable number of exhibitors and the number of visitors, as well as by providing the stable growth of the sector is keeping the status of the leading firm in the fair sector.

The Home Concept that owns profile of visitors coming from all over the world, helps the brands that had not created and presented itself enough nor received deserved interest, and they stayed between Turkish borders and is trying and continuing to show effort in order to take place in qualified markets in the world.

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